3 turnkey projects developed by arista in the region
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3 turnkey projects developed by arista in the region

             3 turnkey projects developed by arista in the region

In turnkey projects, contractors are responsible for the design and construction of the plant according to the needs of the client. They carry out all the works of the plant with an agreed price and in a determined time.

Arista is a company with experience and experience in advising, selling, installing and adapting furniture and building elements for office spaces and commercial environments, with a customer service of recognized excellence. It is the expert ally in creating workspaces and avant-garde, productive and motivating environments.

They have developed several turnkey projects with different companies in the region, which have been successful and each project has a unique style and a personal touch related to the culture of the client's company with which they work.

The following are 3 examples of turnkey projects developed by Edge in the region:

1. ZUMA:

It is a company that is dedicated to the distribution of lubricants and oils of the Castrol brand, located in zone 10. Arista started with them when they were starting to operate and accompanied them throughout the process. The challenge was the transfer of the client to their new offices, as well as the reuse of the furniture they had previously acquired and create an image for them. Zuma asked for a dynamic and colorful design.

This project was carried out in a coordinated way in 2.017, with a design, planning, execution of interior work, furniture equipment and office seating. The size of the project was 500 Mts2, the area worked were the corporate offices and the furniture products TecnoDesking and Haworth were used.

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It is a company with more than 50 years in Guatemala, dedicated to the distribution of products for the home such as soaps and disinfectants. The biggest challenge for Edge was to participate in the last tender and meet the specific expectations of Industria La Popular in order to optimize the remodeling of its offices.

The project lasted a total of approximately 6 months. In this turnkey project, an intervention was made in all interior areas, such as walls, ceilings, ceilings, exterior windows and furniture of the Tecno brand, which is the brand's advantage.

Another major challenge was to advise them on the new trends in occupational culture and how it is transferred to work spaces. We collaborate to focus on people, creating different work environments, leaving closed offices to which they were accustomed and designing more open spaces. Arista managed this project to meet customer expectations, which is paramount and the key to success in a project like this.

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It is a Guatemalan company with 30 years in the industry, dedicated to the production and development of food products. This company initially approached to seek support in the price of the furniture, but during the explanation of the work flow it was clarified that they could advise them in the implementation of a turnkey project. This was the first step with which it was demonstrated that with an adequate design, Edge could solve his project.

The time it took to present the client with a design was approximately 2 months. Within that time it was possible to identify the specific needs in terms of design and product that would be used in their facilities. The final result was successful, the agreed delivery time was met and the client was satisfied with the project.

This project was carried out in the current year (2,018) developing the design, executing the interior work and furnishing office furniture. The project size was 1,175 Mts2.

The areas that were worked were the corporate offices and the facilities in the AVIA building. The products of Form 5, Vescom, Elevated Floor, Mohawk, Sanilock, Mobile Files were used.

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These are 3 of the successful turnkey projects that have been successfully developed in the region, where through their experience, they have created functional, motivating and cutting-edge work spaces.

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