Structured cabling for companies

We offer structured cabling solutions for Voice, Data and Video, taking into account the different technological applications of our customers, implementing an infrastructure based on international standards for TIA / EIA and ISO cabling systems.


We are a premier partner of Siemon Company which is at the forefront of technological advances and new standards. Offering guarantees of 20 years.


  • Structured Cabling for Voice, Data and Video
  • Backbone and Optical Fiber Solutions
  • Data Center
Backbone and Optical Fiber Solutions

Backbone and Optical Fiber Solutions

When media with a bandwidth greater than conventional wiring is required, both single mode and multimode fiber optic installations are made. Very used in backbone, data center and communication between buildings

Data Center


We design and implement complete data center systems, taking into account the physical infrastructure, administration, security, electrical system, air conditioning, ducts and spaces, raised floor, racks and communication cabinets. Taking the best data center design practices.




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