Five important features of adjustable height tables: a new trend in furniture
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Five important features of adjustable height tables: a new trend in furniture

Five important features of adjustable height tables: a new trend in furniture

More and more products are seeking to give a differentiating element in the work spaces and provide what`s necessary to make the environment as functional as possible.

Tables or desks with adjustable height are a new trend in furniture increasingly used in work spaces and also by interior designers when they are carrying out the furnishing of a room.

This type of furniture must present characteristics aimed at improving the quality of work environments and giving employees an ergonomic option for the optimal execution of their tasks.

5 important features of height adjustable tables

Adjustable height and width

The adjustment of the height is the characteristic par excellence of these models; they give the workspaces greater flexibility and possibility of adapting them to different environments. This type of table help people feel and sit better.


Easy adaptation to differents environments

The versatility of these tables makes it possible to easily adapt to different work spaces, from private offices to collaboration spaces and meeting rooms. However, it`s recommended that they be used in areas with plenty of space.

The reason for the above is to not reduce the functionality and to exploit to the maximum the benefits that a table of adjustable height can give you.


Option to work sitting or standing

As we have mentioned on other occasions, ergonomics seeks to provide employees with options to improve their relationship with the work environment. Exhaustion and spending long hours sitting in front of a computer can become a serious problem.

With the adjustable height tables, the option to stand, rest and stretch the muscles is facilitated to avoid keeping them tensed. Remember that bad postures and spending a lot of time sitting are the main reasons for musculoskeletal injuries.


Electronic adjustment mechanism

Another important feature about these models is that the height adjustment mechanism doesn`t have to be manually accessed or forced in any way.

Just press a button according to your needs and it will adapt as you wish.



Manufacturing materials

Most ergonomic furniture is manufactured under strict quality standards and responds to high levels of sustainability as required by BIFMA, the furniture manufacturing institute.

Some designs even avoid the use of screws and materials that can release harming chemicals, therefore, it`s usual to use stainless steel or aluminum. Neither have cables or motors exposed that could represent a risk to the user.

If what you want is to evolve the way your company works, you must indisputably consider purchasing height adjustable tables.

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