5 useful ergonomic accessories in modern offices
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5 useful ergonomic accessories in modern offices

5 useful ergonomic accessories in modern offices

The long working hours in an office can be tedious and really overwhelming, especially if sitting at a computer is the pattern to follow every day.

It must be remembered that productivity is completely influenced by the comfort and adaptability of a collaborator in their work environment. Therefore, it`s necessary to provide the necessary furniture to obtain notable improvements.

Today we present you 5 ergonomic accessories that will be useful if you have a modern and optimized office.


Ergotron WorkFit Sit Stand Workstation

Ergotron WorkFit Sit Stand Workstation is a creation of the union of the American companies Haworth and Ergotron, the combination of these looked for the way to conceive accessories to improve the welbeing of employees in an office environment.


This work station is ideal for small work areas and shared spaces and fits almost any surface, table or desk.

Its height adjustment makes it ideal for activities, whether sitting or standing. It helps to reduce tension, back pain, shoulders and reduce eye irritation.


Monitor Arms 

Monitor arms are another product developed by Haworth and Ergotron.

This accessory offers a wide range of options for an adjustable mounting of monitors, televisions and tablets, this provides flexibility, collaboration, ergonomic comfort and well-being to the workspace.

It is possible to adapt a single monitor or several screens in order to free up space and optimize the work area, it also promotes the workflow and is useful for using it in different types of activities.



Floor Mats

This accessory was created with the purpose of stimulating the correct blood circulation, releasing stress through its completely ergonomic design and preventing the fatigue derived from sitting for a long time. 

This curious rug is an ideal complement to the Sit Stand work station.



Mobile Carts 

Mobile Carts is an adjustable height and mobile table for easy use in different environments.

It has a surface on which any type of monitor, laptop or tablet can be adapted; giving the option to work sitting or standing.

Mobile Carts.png


The advantage of ergonomic accessories is that you have options for all kinds of situations. Tilt is an adjustable height bench that provides mobility for different positions.

The minimalist and intelligent tilt design helps keep you moving in your work day. The color of your seat is fully customizable: black, white, gray and orange.


These ergonomic accessories along with the ideal desks and chairs will give you endless possibilities to improve the company culture of your organization and increase the comfort and well-being of your most important asset, your collaborators.

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