Architectural acoustics

The falling of the communication systems and the patterns of coexistence, as well as the lack of concentration, generate detriment in the use and productivity of spaces and work equipment.

Considerable resources are being invested to mitigate and try to solve these situations.

Providing well-being and comfort through integrated and flexible solutions are fundamental elements of our value proposal to meet the needs and demands of the market.

Our proposal is supported in the work and continuous development that we do with our team and partners of global standard.

Arista, has built for more than 30 years a brand recognition and service that day by day are strengthened and overcome to meet current and future action and challenges.

Seeking to strengthen and complement its value offering to the demands and needs of the market and globalized world, Arista, decides to create the new acoustic division with regional presence.

In our team they will be able to count on the assistance, support and solutions that allow to obtain pleasant, healthy and productive environments.

Analysis of projects


Acustics Measurements of Enclosures.

Characterization of spaces

Evaluation of Venues based on normative criteria.



Sound level meters

Instrument for measuring sound pressure levels.

Measurement Microphones

Transducer A / D conversion.

Omnidirectional Source

Generating source of signals in all directions.

Estimation Software

Software with CAD features for comparison of results.





Problematic in acoustics. 

Architectual plans.

Product Specification. 

Solution to the problem.


Product Guarantees.

Acoustic Division

Analysis of the problem and identification of evaluation criteria.

Sizing the space, lifting the enclosure.

Presentation of the specification and product alternatives.


Proposal for the acoustic solution and product offers.


Linking product certifications and warranty processes.